When it comes to the topic of cancer, it is important to disclose up front that we DO NOT treat cancer. That is left up to the medical experts who specialize in this area.

What we do focus on, however, is strengthening the body through natural means to boost immune function (the part of your body that fights cancer daily), while simultaneously removing sources of interference to the body that hinder healing.

It’s no secret that cancer is a modern-day epidemic. The reason that the words “you have cancer” strike fear in the hearts of Americans more than any other disease is because we KNOW the truth…we are losing the war.

Since President Nixon declared the “War on Cancer” in the early 1970’s and billions of dollars were released to fight this ravaging disease, we haven’t really made that much progress in stopping it. Media and medical propaganda would have you believe that death rates are going down and survival rates are going up, but is that actually the case?

While it may appear that cancer patients are living longer, when you dive a little deeper into the statistics one is able to see that this is largely due to the fact that we are diagnosing cancer earlier. What relevant data really shows us is that a person diagnosed with most types of cancer will live for about the same amount of time today as a person diagnosed 40 years ago. This is also confirmed with current cancer death rates.

Currently, over 500,000 people die from cancer every year in America. This amounts to over 1500 people per day, every single day of the year. To put this in perspective, this is equivalent to 3 jumbo jets, loaded to capacity, crashing and killing everyone on board every day of the year!

Eventually there has to come a point where we ask ourselves, is it really a matter of throwing more time and money at this disease, or are we looking in the wrong place to begin with?

Be A Cancer Killer:

To begin to reverse any disease, you have to get to the CAUSE. You cannot merely chase the symptoms. This next statement is often hard for many people to accept at first but it remains true: Cancer is not a sickness, it is a symptom. Cancer is the end-result symptom of an unhealthy person.

Conventional cancer treatments mainly focus on addressing the symptoms of cancer, itself, while never addressing why a person has developed it in the first place. Let alone the fact that in many cases the Standard of Care actually contributes to further cancer development and leaves many wondering if it was the cancer that killed their loved-one, or the treatment, itself.

TIME magazine did an in-depth study almost a decade ago, now, titled “Inflammation: The Silent Killer”. The study was a first-of it’s kind and has since unleashed a multitude of studies linking cellular inflammation with all of the chronic diseases we know today; including cancer.

Every human body has health requirements that must be met in order to fight disease and function optimally (Proper nutrition, oxygen, healthy nerve supply, etc). When these requirements are not met, the body will begin to develop sickness instead of health. This sickness usually results in cellular inflammation (watch Dr. Tips video in the detox section for more on cellular inflammation). In order to get a person well, again -or to prevent sickness and cancer in the first place- we must remove the sources of cellular inflammation and support healthy immune function.

This comes from applying the 5 Core Pillars of Health at a high level; no dabbling, here.

To take this one step further, the body will achieve what the mind believes it is capable of. Henry Ford put is best when he said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right”. If you are hesitant to believe something as simple as radical lifestyle changes can reverse a disease as devastating as cancer, then I would suggest you watch Dr. Charles Majors’ powerful story.

Dr. Majors is one of the lead doctors of Dr. Cole’s affiliate group, Maximized Living.

As you will see in the video below, in 2008, Dr. Majors was diagnosed with terminal, stage IV brain and bone marrow cancer. He had four tumors on his brain stem and was given weeks to live. Rather than going the conventional route and poisoning his body with dangerous treatments that even his doctors told him would not cure his condition, he chose to get to the CAUSE of his cancer; which was years of accumulated toxicity, sub-par nutrition and exercise and less-than-optimal nervous system function. He REVERSED the “incurable” cancer by living the Maximized Living Lifestyle.