Label Reading

One of the most common questions I get asked is “how do I know if what I’m eating is healthy or not?” There is so much deception in our food industry today that it has become difficult to determine what is healthy and what is not. Every food manufacturer is competing for your dollar, so […]

Causes of hypothyroid - Functional Medicine Greensburg

According to the National Women’s Health Information Center there are over 20 million Americans suffering from some type of thyroid disorder. A whopping one in eight women in the United States will be impacted by thyroid disorder in their lives (from the American Medical Women’s Association). Are you one of them? Thyroid disorders and thyroid […]

Ginger Lemon Tea Recipe

During the winter months your immune system is working harder and your body is spending more energy to stay healthy. Use this alkalizing tea to keep your immune system running on all cylinders or to boost healing time from a cold or sinus infection! Ingredients: Steeped/Hot Organic Herbal Tea (this is really left to your […]