What Your Medical Insurance Doesn’t Cover: Time for a Reality Check! By Dr. Zacharie Cole, D.C. Greensburg, PA. Abstract: There are much better ways to deal with chronic, degenerative diseases than the approaches used in traditional medicine. With the modern marriage of functional medicine [1] and enlightened self-care, sufferers are finding true solutions to reversing […]

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The alarm clock goes off for the 3rd time this morning, you reluctantly drag yourself out of bed, barely awake, knowing that you can’t afford to hit the snooze button yet again. You shower, brush your teeth and get dressed in a half-awake fog wondering how you could still be so tired after getting a […]

Hormone Imbalance - Functional Medicine - Balance Hormones

Hormone imbalance Hormone imbalance is a true epidemic in our country. The average American female and male over 35 years of age suffers from some form of hormonal imbalance. With the poor diet, stressful lifestyles and declining popularity of physical exercise, more and more young men and women are developing hormonal imbalances. The effects of […]