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3 Hidden Ways Wheat Makes You Fat

This is an extremely insightful article, written by Dr. Mark Hyman about the dangers of consuming wheat; beyond the gluten-free reasons. When it comes to diet and lifestyle changes, I’m always educating my patients about Cellular Inflammation and how it is the one underlying commonality in every one of the chronic, degenerative diseases we see […]

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Hormone Function > Calorie Counting

American’s are finally coming around to the idea that not all calories are the same; nor do they do the same things to your body. The type of food you eat is dramatically more important than how much food you are eating. Hormone’s like Leptin, Testosterone and Growth Hormone play a major role in how well […]

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Homemade Raw Sauerkraut

Raw, fermented foods are some of the biggest nutrient powerhouses on this planet. I love drinking fermented beverages like Kefir and Kombucha; fermented vegetables are another avenue to get nutrient-dense superfoods into your diet. In ancient cultures, fermentation was a way to make their food last longer; something that we have gotten away from with […]

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Raw Milk Vs. Pasteurized

Great article by Dr. Mercola on the benefits of consuming raw, organic milk from grass-fed cows. America is one of the only Countries in the world to outlaw this amazingly beneficial product in many States; coincidentally, we also lead the world in allergies and food intolerances. Raw milk contains wealth of healthy bacteria that repair […]

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Bone Broth

This is a phenomenal article by natural health expert, Dr. Dan Pompa on healing your digestive tract by utilizing an ancient bone broth recipe used by virtually every ancient culture. A must for any person diagnosed with a chronic illness, especially autoimmune disorders. Click Here to read article and get recipe!         […]